Below are Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) services provided by MHPSS service providers in Myanmar.

MHPSS Working Group only collects available information and has verified it with service providers. Please contact the respective service providers below if you need further MHPSS services or have additional questions regarding their services.

Citta Consultancy

  • Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions. 

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Trauma / Complex PTSD. 

  • Relationships & Marriage. Child and/or Adolescent Issues. 

  • Health / Illness / Medical Issues. 

  • Mindfulness Meditation. 

  • Employee Assistance Program;

  • Support groups


+95 99609 89551


Counseling Corner

  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Services (Individual, Couple, Family, and Group Therapy)

  • Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills Training 

  • Employee Assistance Programme



+95 9784509916, 

+95 9785074173



  • Counseling specifically related to anxiety, stress, grief, depression, and trauma (Individual, Family, and other)

  • Mental health awareness training to different organizations.

  • Psychosocial Support Training and Basic Counseling Training

  • Employee Assistance Programmes 


+95 9 776 884275


Marble Psychological Services

  • Individual Therapy (Adults)

  • Couples Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Individual Therapy (Children), Play Therapy, Group Work, Social Skills Groups

  • Parents Support, Parenting Courses

  • Assessments (Cognitive, Educational, Developmental, Behavior Assessments)

  • Employee Assistance Services

  • Stress and Wellbeing – Training and Consultancy

  • Mental Health – Training and Consultancy



+95 9456124067


Languages of Services:

Burmese & English


  • Psychiatric services

  • Psychotherapy

  • Lay counseling

  • Life skills training

  • Group psychoeducation and psychosocial activities

  • Outreach emergency response (PFA team)


+95 9 9595 40733

+95 9 7844 20563


"Khan Sar Chat Lay Myar"

(Little Emotions)



9933 (Ooredoo),

08008009933 (MPT),

09 961140000 (all SIM)

Languages of Services:

Burmese, Chin, Karen (Sagaw), Rakhine, & Mon

Reach Out Myanmar

  • Individual Counselling 

  • Couple and Family Counselling

  • Psychotherapy 

  • Assessments 

  • Group counseling/Support Group

  • Psychological Training/Workshop and Talk

  • Offering mental health-related

  • consultation for organization

  • Feedback and consultation for managers and supervisor


+95 9 767128927 (Office Hours)


Languages of Services:

Burmese & English

MHPSS Service Providers

Materials & other resources

Supporting our children's well-being

a booklet for parents and caretakers

“If we start being honest about our pain, our anger, and our shortcomings instead of pretending they don’t exist, then maybe we’ll leave the world a better place than we found it.”

– Russell Wilson