This page contains all information about COVID-19, but it is more specifically related to Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, children face a lot of challenges staying at home, not being able to meet with friends and play and learn as before. They are also exposed to much stress hearing about COVID-19 and Coronavirus around them. However, their emotions and emotional health may not have given much attention as needed by the surrounding adults who are also struggling with their own challenges in this crisis situation.  

“Khan Sar Chat Lay Myar” Helpline, a collaborative initiative of Metanoia and UNICEF, is ready to help children and caregivers who are dealing with these challenges in this COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Through the Helpline, children and caregivers can receive information about COVID-19 and psychological coping, express their emotions and experiences and obtain emotional support.

The Helpline number, 09961140000, can be reached every

Monday to Friday (between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM)

The Tricks of Corona Virus & the Little Heroes

(Please, Don’t Stigmatize)

COVID-19 is a new disease with lots of unknowns. And we use to fear of unknowns and have a tendency to link our fear with other people. Social stigma in the context of health is the negative association between a person or group of people who share certain characteristics and a specific disease (IFRC, UNICEF & WHO, 2020). In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we need to be mindful to not stereotype or discriminate against certain groups of people including people who are infected, people who are in quarantine, people who are in contact with infected or quarantined people, migrants, and IDPs.

Stigma and discrimination can increase fear and worry. And people, when they suspect of getting the infection, may hide due to this fear and worry. It can also cause a delay for the person to access health care services in time. The stigma can also hinder people not to do healthy behaviors. Then, it becomes much easier for the Coronavirus to spread.

This video clip, developed in collaboration between Metanoia and UNICEF, contains awareness information regarding the prevention of social stigma in the context of COVID-19. It is created as child-friendly education material. We hope it will be shared and widely used by our partner organizations to prevent social stigma during our response to this crisis situation.

Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 (Burmese/ဗမာ)

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Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 (Kachin)

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Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 (Rohingnya)

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Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 (Karen)

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Maintaining your mental health during COVID-19




Strategies to Cope with Stress during COVID-19




Stress & Coping with COVID-19
Serial Parenting Tips during COVID-19 Outbreak by UNICEF Myanmar

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